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Hot young chicks fucking for cash

Forced To Prostitute is an interesting idea for a site. The idea is that these beautiful young girls are in financial trouble and the only way out is to sell their bodies for cash. Thus you get to see them sucking dick and getting pounded on camera before receiving their money.

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The girls are young, hot and from Eastern Europe and that makes the porn wicked hot.

The website

We all know that prostitution is often called the world's oldest profession. It's pretty easy for a woman to sell her body for cash but surprisingly few adult websites cash in on this notion. Forced To Prostitute is trying to make a living in this arena and they have some seriously hot girls hooking up, as you'll see on the tour.


Every page of the member's area that had images took ages to load. There was a long time where it would just hang and then all of a sudden the images would come in instantly. Once they did it was easy enough to browse but that's a big problem they need to fix since it took a long time in some cases. They list all the scenes on one page with preview pictures and a description of the action. The site is no longer updated but there's a pretty sizable collection here and ready to be enjoyed.

The content

Forced To Prostitute is a good site with some issues. If you look at it as a teen sex site featuring Russian chicks then you're going to have a great time. If you're looking for the whole prostitution theme to be a big part of it then you're going to be disappointed. They drop the ball there in part because most of the scenes don't feature English speaking performers and in part because they don't seem to concentrate on it much. Only when they right on the girls with markers do they hit on the whore thing. Otherwise it's just a teen slut having sex. There's nothing wrong with that but it's not what we were promised. It's an average Euro teen sex site.


There was great possibility with ForcedToProstitute but they dropped the ball. The girls don't really seem like whores and there's very little forcing going on. The site is good when it comes to the teen sex though. It's wicked hot watching these slim gals suck and fuck. They lack bonus sites though and it's no longer updated.


  • The site launched in 2005.
very good site
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Pay site


Teenage girls are fucked hard and in some scenes they are treated like whores.

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10th of April, 2009


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Methods: Credit card, Check
Billing: NCB

Content [ 8.2 ]

Pictures [ 7.8 ]

Quality ••••
Quantity •••••
Artistic ••••
Size info 1000x667
ZIP files No

Browse 77 sets with 60-100 pictures each.

Videos [ 8.5 ]

Quality •••••
Quantity ••••
Artistic ••••
Download Download the full videos or smaller chunks.
Vid-caps No
AVI 640x480

Download 139 videos.

Other content

There are bonus videos and pictures.

Entertaining [ 5.2 ]

Updating ••••
Interact •••••
Amusing •••••

Read site news and descriptions for each set.

Usability [ 6.4 ]

Design ••••
Navigation ••••
Features ••••

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