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Beautiful bondage site

Damsels In Peril is a bondage site in disguise. Instead of making it a master/slave site they've decided to show these women in the classic fairy tale setups where they're almost certain to perish if someone doesn't come and rescue them. It's a refreshing look at the niche.

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I like the different take they have on this kind of content and I like how hot the girls are.

The website

It would be foolish to say you've never seen a site like Damsels In Peril before, but it's probably not far off to say you haven't seen it implemented in this exact way before. The pertinent element here is danger. The girls aren't merely being abused; they're being abused and their lives are quite possibly at risk. It adds a level of arousal.


You're welcomed to the member's area with a short message detailing the mission statement of the site. Above that you'll find links to the picture galleries and video clips, which is what you're here for. Each scene, be it a gallery or a clip, comes with a description that outlines exactly what's going on. I suggest reading the descriptions because they help set the scene and will heighten the fantasy. You can search the content by model as well.

The content

Damsels In Peril is a smart, sexy site but when it comes down to it they're not doing things all that differently from any other female domination site. However, if you're willing to give yourself over to the setup of each scene you'll enjoy the content more. More importantly the models they hire are exceptionally sexy British women and watching them perform is the best reason to join.


DamselsInPeril isn't as revolutionary as they'd like you to think it is but I was impressed with the content. It's essentially high quality femdom bondage and it's well executed in every way. The girls are very sexy, too. If you join be sure to check out the cheerleader scene, it's a real winner.


  • Launched in May 2004.
very good site
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Pay site


Dominant women lose their tempers and tie up and abuse their submissive friends.

Review published

13th of November, 2007


  • 1 month: €24.95 (recurring)
  • 3 months: €59.95

Payment info

Methods: Credit card
Billing: FWBilling/VXSBill

Content [ 8.1 ]

Pictures [ 7.8 ]

Quality ••••
Quantity •••••
Artistic ••••
Size info 1024x683
ZIP files Yes

Enjoy 140 sets with 100-200 pictures each.

Videos [ 8.5 ]

Quality ••••
Quantity ••••
Artistic ••••
Download Download the full video clips.
Vid-caps No
WMV 960x528
MPG 352x288

Enjoy 133 videos each running roughly 5 minutes.

Entertaining [ 8.2 ]

Updating •••••
Interact •••••
Amusing ••••

There's a message board and descriptions for each scene.

Usability [ 7.6 ]

Design ••••
Navigation ••••
Features •••••

There are zip downloads for the picture galleries.

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