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Hot chicks in real fights

Women fighting is a small niche, although it's a fantasy that most men have had at least once. We all dream that when women really get physical with each other they're going to rip their clothes off and we'll get to see a tit or a pussy. On top of that it's just really rare.

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There are so few sites like this one that I can't help but appreciate what they've put together.

The website

It seems logical to pair two beautiful women together and tell them to fight. If they're hot then guys will be willing to pay money to see them essentially tear each other's clothes off. Plus, some guys really get off on watching women get physical with each other. If you're one of those guys then Femme Fight is right up your alley.


The member's area is pretty simple and slightly uninspiring. They welcome you with a short intro message and you're left to browse the content by using the navigational links along the top of the page. For each photo gallery they provide a description and a preview thumbnail. If you visit the full gallery you'll find that the thumbnails are a little too small to fully illuminate what you're looking at. Each video comes with four screenshots and a description to aid in your selection.

The content

As mentioned above the content at Femme Fights has been divided into pictures and videos. In many cases you'll see both a photo set and a video of the same interaction. A recent addition features two cheerleaders going at it and you can see it in high resolution pictures or in a high resolution video. They update every week, typically adding a new picture set and a new video. The current content archive is already quite large, so if those updates every stopped it wouldn't be a huge issue.


Women fighting is a small niche so you don't have to do much to stand out. That's why I was so pleased that FemmeFights has done so much. They have a ton of content and when you watch the videos you can feel the anger these women have. They might be acting but you'd never know it from watching. That's what makes a good fight site.


  • Launched in May 2005.
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Pay site


Hot women disagree over something and they resolve their differences with fisticuffs.

Review published

17th of November, 2007


  • 1 month: €24.95 (recurring)
  • 3 months: €59.95

Payment info

Methods: Credit card, Phone
Billing: FWBilling/VXSBill

Content [ 8.1 ]

Pictures [ 7.8 ]

Quality ••••
Quantity •••••
Artistic ••••
Size info 1024x683
ZIP files Yes

Enjoy 147 sets with roughly 250 pictures each.

Videos [ 8.3 ]

Quality ••••
Quantity ••••
Artistic ••••
Download Download the full videos only.
Vid-caps No
WMV 960x528
MPG 352x288

There are 128 videos running 3-5 minutes.

Entertaining [ 8.2 ]

Updating •••••
Interact •••••
Amusing ••••

There's a mesage board for requests and descriptions for each scene.

Usability [ 7.6 ]

Design ••••
Navigation ••••
Features •••••

There are zip downloads for the picture galleries.

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